General Information for Twin Oaks Roadhouse

What is your address?
Twin Oaks Roadhouse
5745 Old Redwood Hwy
Penngrove, CA 94951


Free parking?
Tons of free parking in our lot.

Free WiFi?
Yes – inside and out.

What alternative transportation can we plan to use?
Cab, Uber, Lyft, bikes!

Dog Friendly?

  • Our limited outdoor space allows for 5 dogs on a first come, first serve basis, excluding our outdoor concerts.
  • Please leash your pet and do not leave unattended.
  • Dogs are to remain on the ground. The next people at your table may have pet allergies, or just may not want to sit in a chair previously occupied by a dog. (think Pet hair on clothes, cleanliness etc). We’re trying to keep everyone happy here.
  • Please keep your dog close so that he is not in our employees’ and guests’ paths.
  • For safety purposes, leash your dog to your chair – not a table.
  • Barking may frighten and disturb other patrons and excite other dogs and is not welcome. Please take your friend for a stroll if he wishes to speak.
  • Please make sure that your pooch is well-behaved around others, especially children.
  • Unless invited, dogs should not socialize with other diners, employees or fellow dogs.
  • Restaurant glasses and dishes are not canine friendly. Please ask your server for a water bowl or a disposable container. Water bowls must remain on the ground with your pets.
  • Please protect our trees and ground surfaces and make sure that our guests don’t see anything unpleasant taking place.

I know you close for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Any other days?


Kitchen open hours?
11:30am-8pm or later

Can we eat in the bar?
You can eat in the dining room, the bar or The Backyard, depending on weather.

Can we get food to go?
Yes – if we’re not too busy. Please call ahead when possible.


Bar hours?
Sunday 11:30am-10pm •• Mon-Wed 11:30am-11pm •• Thursday 11:30am-Midnight •• Fri/Sat 11:30am-1am

How many beers on draft?
18 fresh draft beers, plus two ciders and British hand pump. Watch our web site for what currently pouring.

Do designated drivers always drink free?
Yes! Let us know who your DD is when you arrive. That person will receive free coffee, tea or soft drinks all night long.

You serve wine and spirits also, right?

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