General Information for Novato

What is your address?
224 Vintage Way
Novato, CA 94945
See map and more info.

Is there free parking?
We have plenty of free parking spaces out front.

We want to eat before the show. Will we need reservations?
Yes, we recommend reservations, especially on big show nights. Reservations can be made by phone (415-892-6200) or online with Yelp. If you call, please let our host know that you if you are attending the show. For on-line reservations please let us know in the “special requests” box that you plan to attend the show.

Can I get food in the session room?
Only on select nights, check with the host or bartenders. The kitchen closes at 9pm Sunday-Wednesday, 10pm Thursday – Saturday. During busier times we stay open.

When is last call?
Dictated by business, if we are busy we serve until 1:30am.

Will I get a seat?
Most of our shows have limited or no seating. Most seated shows have seating offered at different prices, you can review those details and a seating chart on our website under each specific performance. Remember you can always take a break from the show and find a seat in our beautiful beer garden.

I am handicapped, will I get a seat?
Of course, if you have special needs just inform our staff and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Can people under 21 attend?
Only on selected shows and Open Mic Wednesdays.

What types of identification do you accept?
We accept only valid identifications with a photo and a physical description. Temporary driver’s licenses are not valid.

I only have a passport, can I get in to the show?
Yes. If you have an International Passport, we can accept that as long as there is the physical description.

Can I get all 15 drafts in the session room also?
Not quite. We serve our 8 staple fresh house, local and double IPA and cider, and a rotating set of 7 more seasonal drafts beers, local, regional and international to enjoy with the show. Live Beer / Fresh Music!

Do you offer non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers?
Yes. Please let your server know that you’re the designated driver for the evening and we’ll serve you NA drinks like coffee and sodas for free.

Is there a designated smoking area?
Smoking is only allowed outside. Smoking is never allowed in the main beer garden or under the tent. Please follow all local and State laws.

What happens when I leave my credit credit card?
If we find it we’ll hold it for you in the office (it happens all the time).

What happens to the beer garden in the winter?
We put up the big, heated tent.

Free WiFi?
Yes – Our WiFi name is @Hopmonk Free Wi-Fi. Select, go online, enter your email… and you’re golden!

Are there any local hotels you’d recommend?
Best Western Novato Oaks Inn
215 Alameda Del Prado, Novato

Courtyard Novato/Marin/Sonoma
1400 Hamilton Parkway, Novato
415- 883-8950

Four Points Sheraton San Rafael
1010 Northgate Dr, San Rafael, CA, 94903

Embassy Suites San Rafael
101 McInnis Parkway, San Rafael, CA

The Inn Marin & Suites
250 Entrada Drive, Novato,  CA 94949


Cab companies you’d recommend?
You bet! We strongly encourage our guests to drink responsibly! Our staff/security will gladly call a taxi for you at anytime. And remember, let our staff know if you are the DD, and you can receive your non-alcoholic drink on the house (ex: coffee, tea, soda, juice)!

Novato Taxi
495 Rowland Blvd
Novato, CA94947
(415) 898-8484

Safari Taxi Service
45 Los Padres Cir
Novato, CA94947
(415) 462-0808

North Bay Limo & Car Service
371 Bolling Cir
Novato, CA94949
(415) 250-6463

Can I bring my dog?
Your well-trained dog is welcome with us. Please follow these common sense guidelines. Dogs are welcome in the beer garden only and common areas only, service dogs excepted. No dogs on tables. Dogs must be on a leash. Please clean up after your animal and be aware that we generally have lots of kids in the beer garden.

Do you have space for private functions?
Absolutely! Check out the PLAN EVENTS section of this website for galleries and a contact form.

When are you open?
We open daily at 11:30 am, with the exception of Christmas and Thanksgiving when we are closed. – food ends usually around 9:00 pm Sunday through Thursday -10:00 pm Friday through Saturday. We seat for lunch and dinner in the Tavern and the Beer Garden.

Session room

Can we eat in the music room?
Food service in the Session Room is only available on select nights/events. Please see host or Bartender to see if food is being offered.

What door is used to enter the session room?
The Session Room entrance is the large black double doors in the Tavern Bar.

Is it ok to take photographs of the shows?
Most of the time it is, no flash please. For higher profile and national touring bands please ask management permission. Remember to post your best shots on our Facebook page.

May I record the show? audio/video
Not without the permission of the artist and/or HopMonk Tavern.

How can I get a monthly calendar – when is it published?
You can find a printable version at our website by going to the Live Music section or drop by the Tavern and ask our host for one. Normally by the 1st of every month we will have a new calendar for the following month.

Can I get weekly email blast of upcoming shows and events – how do I sign up for it?
Absolutely. Enter your email address in the ‘Newsletter Signup’ field at the bottom of the page.

What time are your shows?
Our shows start at different times. Please consult our website for details: HopMonk Novato, HopMonk Sebastopol, and HopMonk Sonoma.

Do all of your shows have an opening act?
Not always, but if so, the opening acts typically go on 45 minutes to an hour before the headliner.

Are beer garden performances free?
Almost all beer garden shows are free. This is a great way to see some select, up and coming singer songwriters. Many of these musicians you will be paying to see very soon. We pay and feed the artists, but they still love tips!

However, our Sunday Summer BBQ Concert Series have covers that will vary in price. Be sure to double check your purchase prior to the show.

Do you have an open mic?
Yes! Open Mic is hosted every Wednesday Night by our Dennis Haneda. This is a great night to hear free, great quality, local music and entertainment. Check it out. You might be amazed.

Can I purchase tickets in advance?
Yes, for most of our shows. We encourage you to buy tickets at HopMonk Novato, HopMonk Sebastopol, and HopMonk Sonoma in advance.

Where can I purchase tickets?
Tickets can be purchased through our website via HopMonk Novato, HopMonk Sebastopol, and HopMonk Sonoma or at the Tavern Bar.

Will I get a hard ticket?
Here’s how it works:

When purchasing tickets online please remember to print out the confirmation and bring that with you to the show. When you arrive, please check in at the door with your ID and confirmation.

If you purchase tickets in the Tavern Bar you will receive a hard ticket. Always retain your ticket and bring it to the show. Please be prepared to show ID.

Can I leave tickets for a friend?
Sure, we will ask you for your friend’s name and contact information.

Can I reserve a ticket and pay later?
No, we require that all tickets must be paid in full prior to the show.

Can I get the prepay discount on my tickets if I purchase them in the tavern the day of the show?
No, to receive the prepay discount you must purchase your tickets before the day of the show.

If I am unable to make the show after purchasing tickets can I get my money back?
No, sorry. All sales are final. You can transfer them to a friend or find a way to sell them.

Can I purchase tickets over the phone?
No. Unfortunately, there are bad people out there who will try to use a lost or stolen credit card. We wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

Do you take credit + debit cards?
Yes. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover when purchasing a ticket online or beforehand in the tavern. You can use credit cards/debit cards or cash to purchase tickets at the door the night of the show.

Open mic

Where is the open mic held?
In the Session Room where all of our big shows happen. You will have the opportunity to perform on a professional stage and enjoy the space where the big guys play.

How do I sign up?
Sign-ups are at 7:00 in the Session Room. Be there on time or even early, there is usually a line.

What time does it start?
8 PM

How late does it go?
11:30 PM

How many people usually sign up?
20 or so.

How long do I get to play?
2 songs or 10 minutes, which ever come first. If you play 2 songs that are 3 minutes long then you have used your time. If you play one song that is 10 minutes long, it better be good.

Can anybody play?
Yes. All kinds of people show up, from first timers to old pros.

Can I be the host?
No! That job belongs to Dennis Haneda. He can be contacted at: dennis@hopmonk.com

Do I have to play music?
No, We welcome comedians, jugglers, poets, beat boxers and even hula hoopers. We only ask that you keep your clothes on. Well most of you anyway.

I have a cd that I want to sing to, do you have a cd player?
Yes, you even bring your iPod or laptop, we can run it through the PA.

Do I have to bring microphones or anything like that?
Nope, we have it all covered. We have a professional venue with all the bells and whistles.

Do you supply amplifiers?
No, but we have direct boxes so that you can plug in to the system. If you play electric guitar and want some crunch or other effects you should bring your own amp or foot pedals.

Do you have a piano?

Can playing the open mic lead to a gig at hopmonk?
It most certainly can! We are always looking for good musicians to play in our beer gardens, and even pull the occasional opener from the open mic. Some open mic’ers have even been booked to play shows.

Is the beer garden a paying gig?
Why yes it is!

Who does the booking for the beer garden?
KC Turner: kc@kcturnermusic.com

Do you have to be 21 to attend?
No and Yes. This is one of the few all ages evenings in the Session Room, but only until 11PM, when we ask the kids to go home. We are all about giving everyone a chance to perform and hone their skills.

Can I bring my cockatiel?
Can it sing?

Sorry but only service animals are allowed.

Can my band play?
You bet. However remember this is an open mic and there isn’t a lot of time to set up and break down. We recommend that folks, especially drummers, bring the minimum amount of gear to get the job done.

Can I buy the host a beer?
Sure, but Dennis doesn’t drink.

Can we eat in the session room?
Food service is only available on select shows/nights. Please feel free to ask the hosts or bartenders if food will be served.

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